Adam Hajnos | Art Director

Pinetop Distillery

Pinetop Distillery

The Brand

This was an entirely new company with no existing collateral except a name. Pinetop's flagship product, moonshine, was to be targeted to city/urban middle aged businessmen who long for a more simple and rugged lifestyle outside of the corporate office.

"We were born in the pines." The mantra for Pinetop Distillery. It speaks to their process and represents the nostalgia of distilling moonshine in a modern era. Their brand, like their product, is smooth, clean and clear.  

The Bottles

Each product of the Pinetop lineup represents an area of North Carolina, from the mountains to the beach. The moonshine is the mountains, gin the beach. The packaging consists of a clear label on the front and back, resulting in a parallax effect as the bottle is moved side-to-side. As the liquid in the bottle is lowered, the illusion of a lake in the forest is revealed to the moonshine, and the ocean to the gin.