Adam Hajnos | Art Director | Graphic Designer



The Brief

Client's existing company has traditionally been B2B. They feel like they have missed out on opportunities to market consumer friendly products to DIY’ers, homeowners, etc., to promote products to them and sell directly to them. There are other websites selling their products with a big markup to customers. They want part of that market. They want to create a separate brand that can be another revenue stream, to steal that marketing share back. 

DIY’ers, first time homeowners, newly retirees.

The Audience

Client received a new name, branding guidelines book, customer personas, website, and digital ad campaign. 

The Deliverable


The Campaign

Building off the tagline "From Broken Door to Better Door" we wanted to focus a digital campaign around the idea that everyone's door has issues, even ones you might not think to check for. We also wanted to make the viewer feel empowered and comforted that they could complete the project by themselves.